Monday, 5 April 2010

17th Birthday Cake

          Possibly the easiest cake I've made so far. I didn't want to make myself a birthday cake. I wanted a nice and simple, off-the-shelf cake. Once I had seen the nice and simple, off-the-shelf cakes, I realised I could do a lot better. So, what could be better than a 2-tier pink cake? Not bad for a 17th birthday.


          Okay, 2 basic victoria sponges. I fondanted the top smaller cake, and just decorated the bottom cake with the Betty Crocker vanilla tub stuff. I love pink food colouring. This was my first ever 2-tier, so I wasn't sure how to support the top cake. I ended up cutting a bit of card, the size of the top cake, covering it with foil, and putting supports (pink straws) through the bottom cake to hold it up. This worked suprisingly well.

pink smarties :)

          I did use shop-bought flowers, but I only had myself to impress, really. Cake is cake, so it was all good for me. If its pumped full of sugar, i'm a happy girl.
          I'd also never really piped words before. I thought I'd draw a template, lightly in pencil, just to make sure I did it right. BIG MISTAKE. The pencil came out way too dark, and I'd managed to mess it up anyway. I just piped over the top of it, and tried to hide it all. Never doing that again..

altogether, not too shabby!

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