Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pig Cake

          Today is my Gran's 74th birthday, so I decided to maker her a cake. My great-Grandad was apparantly a pig farmer..so the cake does fit...somehow.
          This one is just a basic Madeira cake, cooked in a 4 pint pudding basin. The cooking took FOREVER. But on the bright side, I could actually see when the cake was cooked, through the bowl.
          Now, I really should plan ahead when I make cakes, but I completely forgot to buy any jam for the cake. So, I looked around the kitchen and found this.

gran-made yumminess

          Gran is a super-chef, so she makes these special james/jellies and gives them to us. So, in a way, she contributed to her own cake. The jelly went really well with the buttercream.


           Then it was time to colour the fondant. I hate doing this. It just takes ages. Anyway, here are my favourite types of food colouring.

colourflair :)

          I used the Dusky Pink colour, as I don't think a flesh coloured pig would have been very appealing, really. Surprisingly, it didn't take too long, and I ended up with quite a nice piece of fondant, which draped over the cake WITHOUT CRACKING!!!

kinda looks like a pink hat.

          Then the easy part was just making the eyes, ears etc. (circles, triangles, etc) I stuck them on with water. To make the snout, I just cut a disk from the fondant, made nostrils with the end of a wooden spoon, then cut a happy little mouth. And here he is, in all his happiness.


          For the mud, I used the same method that I used for my Easter chocolate cake. The chocolate ganache recipe can be found here. I added dark chocolate chips, just so it didn't taste like the Easter cake.

i dont even like chocolate that much..

It turned out really thick (I may have beaten it too much), but otherwise, the cake was really nice. And it tasted good too :)

mr pigglesworth.

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