Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Flowerpot Cake

 This was for my Grandad's 81st birthday. He's most definitely a gardening fan. This is just a small section of his garden.
as i said, he likes gardening.

Not only does he do that, he also grows vegetables for the family.

Okay, side story - often, Grandads carrots would not be perfectly formed, and would often look
like legs..or have other 'parts' growing. These are referred to as 'rude carrots'

          Back to the cake. I didn't want to have to carve a cake into a flowerpot shape, so I just cooked the cake in a flowerpot. Terracotta pots going back centuries in relation to cooking and all. In the end, I had a flowerpot cake. Fondant was a NIGHTMARE. It just ripped in all the wrong places, but I managed to patch it up. I then remembered something i'd heard on the 'Ace of Cakes' programme, about how when there is a flaw in the cake, they just cover it up with something else. Yeah. Thats why I put the leaves on the cake. I made little carrots and peas out of coloured marzipan (i didn't realise how sticky marzipan was. ugh)
spot the rude carrot?

         I arranged brown sugar around the base of the cake (dirt) and placed all my vegetables around it, before putting my leaves around the cake. The cracks in the fondant didnt really go all the way round the cake. I just got a little carried away trying to be artistic. I didn't make the flowers, but they were only £1, so I had to buy them, don't they look adorable?

the fondant grass border took about half an hour..

a top view, i really wish i did make those flowers...

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